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A sprightly docu about finding your own artistic inspiration, "David Wants to Fly" follows German writer-helmer David Sieveking on his road to enlightenment, a journey that involves David Lynch, various headquarters of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement and the icy source of the Ganges. Both tongue-in-cheek and seriously questioning (particularly as pertains to TM's financial empire), this entertaining, globe-trotting pic already has bigscreen release dates in co-production countries. It could take off for further niche theatrical play, maybe even Stateside, before making a landing at broadcasters.

Tech package is first-rate, particularly the beautifully composed images of Adrian Stahli and pacey cutting of Martin Kayser-Landwehr. Karl Stirner's well-used score provides ironic commentary.


David Wants To Fly, bei Vimeo on Demand

David Sieveking gelingt das Kunststück, seine detektivische Sinnsuche als leichtfüßige Reise ins flmische Ich zu erzählen. Auf seiner abenteuerlichen Odyssee vom Berliner Teufelsberg über Hollywood bis in den Himalaya, verknüpft er spirituelle Erfahrungen und skurrile Beobachtungen mit spannender dokumentarischer Investigation.


Funeral of Maharishi in Allahabad India, with an account by David Lynch
Beerdigung von Maharishi in Allahabad, Indien, mit einem Bericht von David Lynch


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